What Are Some Courses on the Pearson Mylab & Mastering Website?

What Are Some Courses on the Pearson Mylab & Mastering Website?

Some courses on the Pearson Mylab & Mastering website include accounting and taxation, mathematics, economics, education, and engineering. The website also offers physics, politics, psychology, music and biology courses.

On PearsonMyLabAndMastering.com, students can access thousands of video lectures and notes from the numerous lecturers registered on the website. Students can also access textbooks for specific courses through the online library hosted by the website. Students also give real-time feedback on the learning experiences online. This data is then used to improve the courses.

Under each course, the website provides labs or classes that students can log into for access to the lectures. Under the mathematics course, students can access the units through MathXL, MyFoundationsLab, MyMathLab Global, MyStatLab and MyMathTest, which offers practice tests.

The Learning Catalytics feature is also offered with all courses on PearsonMyLabAndMastering.com. This tool allows students and lecturers to communicate and discuss different course concepts.

The courses on the website are customized to fit individual student needs. For example, under the economics course, students can use the MyEconLab feature to access tools such as the Adaptive Learning Study Plan for a custom learning experience. This lab also features a program that allows students to conduct economic experiments with real-time data.