What Countries Currently Support 4G LTE in 2014?


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As of February 2014, there were 76 countries that had active 4G LTE mobile networks, including most of Europe, Asia, North America and South America. Africa and some parts of the Middle East are the areas with the least number of 4G LTE networks.

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As of 2014, Australia was the country with the fastest 4G network, while the United States ranked among the countries with the slowest 4G networks. South Korea was the country with the best total coverage, as users remain connected to the LTE network for approximately 91 percent of the time. Although it ranks poorly in speed, the United States ranks well in coverage, with users connecting to the LTE network approximately 67 percent of the time, which ranks the United States in fifth place alongside Canada.

LTE stands for long term evolution and is the fourth generation mobile communication standard. Along with LTE, there are also several other types of 4G networks, including WiMax and HSPA+, all of which were approved to use the 4G label by the International Telecommunication Union. However, these technologies didn't meet the ITU standard, which is why the newer LTE Advanced and WiMax Advanced are given the designation of "True 4G."

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