What Are Some of the Countries You Can Call From the USA?


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All countries can be contacted by phone from the United States. When calling an international number, Americans dial 011, followed by a country code and the phone number.

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Every country has an assigned code that must be dialed by international callers. For example, an American caller who wants to contact someone in Guatemala with the number 2222-5555 must dial the number into the phone as 011-502-2222-5555, with 502 being Guatemala's country code.

Callers can contact numbers all around the world from the United States using this method. Some countries use country codes that are two digits, such as Argentina (54) and the United Kingdom (44). Russia and Kazakhstan share the only single-digit international country code, 7. However, the majority of countries use three-digit codes, ranging from 211 in South Sudan to 998 in Uzbekistan. Some Caribbean nations, including Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, do not require a country code because of the North American Numbering Plan, which allows American callers to dial the number as if it were a domestic number with an area code.

Phone companies charge international calls at a higher rate than domestic calls. Some companies charge more if the call is being made to an international cell phone number rather than a landline number. Some callers prefer to use calling cards, although these can also incur additional maintenance fees.

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