What Are Some Countdown Event Apps?


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The Google Play Store for Android products features Countdown Plus Widgets Lite and Big Days Events Countdown. These apps, along with others, allow the user to create countdowns to important events, some of which display on the smartphone's home screen.

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The Google Play Store features a great number of countdown apps with a wide variety of features as of 2015. Countdown Plus Widgets Lite, also known as Countdown+, is a free app rated 4.3 out of five stars as of November 2015. It was developed by Apps Beyond LLC and includes a widget allowing the user to display countdowns on the smartphone's home screen, customizable backgrounds capable of utilizing user-generated images and the ability to add sticky notes to countdown events.

Users currently rate Big Days Events Countdown, developed by Astrovic App, at 4.4 stars. This app contains many of the same features as Countdown Plus Widgets Lite but has a more robust social media interface. Additionally, Big Days Events Countdown allows the user to track the number of days elapsed since an event in the past.

Countdown Plus Widgets Lite is on version 1.4.0 and has received approximately 28,550 reviews as of November 2015. Big Days Events Countdown is on version 1.4.4 but has only received 7,145 reviews as of the same date. Both apps are available to download free of charge, but only Countdown Plus Widgets Lite features a paid version with expanded features. Countdown Plus Widgets Lite is also available as Countdown+ for iPhone.

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