What Could Users Do on the German Social Networking Site Wer Kennt Wen?

What Could Users Do on the German Social Networking Site Wer Kennt Wen?

The German social networking site Wer-kennt-wen allowed users to connect with friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances, interacting online through features such as chatting, blogging, photo sharing and writing in users' guestbooks. The site went offline on June 2, 2014.

Site users could track their connections on a map of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and search groups, associations and people. Consumers could post statuses or communicate publicly by writing in the guestbooks of other users. Updates from other users appeared on a News page, including statuses and photos. Private chat allowed users to communicate in real time.

The site offered photo-sharing features, along with a tagging function. Users could manage a calendar and create events, inviting other users.

Members could ignore other users or report people and posts to the quality control team. They could also invite connections to the site by email or a special code. The service was available via computer, as well as iPhone and Android apps for mobile.

In the height of its success, the site, which has been compared to American social media platform MySpace, catered to 9.4 million users and was one of Germany's most popular social media sites. The RTL Group acquired the company in 2009, five years before the site went offline.