What Does "could Not Find the File 'Flash.ocx'" Mean?


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The phrase "could not find the file Flash.ocx" means there could be a problem with a third-party screen saver that runs on Macromedia Flash programming, according to Tech Enigma. Such a screen saver runs differently than the software that comes from Windows programming. This kind of error appears when the associated file is not there because of a different version of Windows.

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Fixing the problem can be done in one of two ways. Uninstalling the screen saver makes the error message go away, but then the user will not be able to utilize the screen saver. The second method is to change the name of the file from one version of Macromedia Flash to another. This method involves finding the file and renaming it in a Windows folder.

The problem is that Macromedia Flash updates differently than Microsoft Windows. The Windows operating system can be changed to include the newer version of Flash Player by renaming it, according to Smitty's Simple PC Tips.

The reason this error occurs is that Flash screen savers look for a particular file. When one part of a computer's programming updates but another does not, the screen saver's operating file looks for an older file instead of a newer file, according to the Houston Chronicle. The news media outlet warns a third-party screen saver should not be confused with a Windows version of the program.

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