How Cost Effective Are AT&T MicroCell?


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With a price that ranges between $288 and $359, as of 2015, AT&T MicroCell is a cost-effective solution in situations where the room layout or geography negatively impacts the quality of a wireless network. AT&T also offers the Unlimited MicroCell Calling package that provides unlimited calls.

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AT&T MicroCell is a compact base station that functions as a small cell tower. This allows it to enhance the signal coverage in an office or a home while providing up to four simultaneous connections to the AT&T network via the existing broadband connection. The coverage area extends up 5,000 square feet, but users can add additional AT&T MicroCell devices to add coverage to remote locations. The Unlimited MicroCell Calling option covers all incoming and outgoing calls as long as they use the coverage provided by a MicroCell device. Users can modify the settings on the device through a Web portal on the official AT&T website.

All hand-held devices that feature 3G or 4G capabilities are compatible with AT&T MicroCell, as long as they use the AT&T wireless service. Although GoPhones aren’t compatible, they can still utilize the AT&T MicroCell coverage if they’re added as approved devices. AT&T charges its users for the AT&T MicroCell usage through the existing wireless device rate plan. It also provides rebates as long as the user is subscribed to additional AT&T services.

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