How to You Copyright Ideas You Share on a Blog?

While the copyright process may not specifically protect ideas and concepts that appear on a blog, it is possible to implement several procedures to protect the blog and its contents, including placing a copyright notice on the blog, adding watermarks to images, and adding a Creative Commons attribution policy to the site. It may also help to establish a content sharing policy and use special services to check other sites for stolen content.

Protecting an idea or concept that appears on a blog presents some complications, according to copyright law, as the system focuses mainly on physical or tangible works. However, it does offer a blog owner reflexive protection for the images and designs she makes on a blog, as well as for the articles she writes for it, meaning she does not need to register each piece with official agencies. Instead, by clearly outlining that the content appearing on the blog belongs to a particular owner or business, and that unauthorized reproduction is not allowed, she is able to retain clear legal ownership.

The blog owner also needs to make a clear policy for sharing her content, including the rules for attribution. The Creative Commons licensing project features set rules for how others may share content and the ways in which they must credit the creator. If the concepts appear in an image or graphic, the blog owner can place a watermark over it to reduce theft and to establish her ownership of the media.