How Do You Copy a Reel-to-Reel Recording to a CD?


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An audio recording on a reel to reel tape can be transferred to a CD using an RCA to minijack cable, a personal computer with an optical drive capable of CD burning and an audio capture software. The process of transferring the recording involves hooking up the tape recorder to the computer, capturing the audio and then burning the captured audio into a standard audio CD recording.

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The following shows the basic steps in copying a recording from a reel-to-reel tape to a CD.

  1. Hook up the tape recorder
  2. Connect the tape recorder to the personal computer using the RCA to minijack cable.

  3. Capture the audio
  4. Capture the reel-to-reel recording on the PC using an audio capture software.

  5. Burn the recording to the CD
  6. Create a standard audio CD of the captured reel-to-reel recording by burning it to the CD.

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