How Do You Copy and Paste Emoticons?


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Copy and paste emoticons the same way you copy and paste texts. Select the emoticon you want to copy, and press Control+C on Windows or Command+C on Mac OS X to copy it. Select the target text field, and press Control+V or Command+V, respectively, to paste the emoticon.

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If a keyboard is not available, right click the emoticon and select Copy to copy it. Select a text field, right click, and click Paste to paste it. The key combinations do not work on mobile devices with touchscreen controls. Select the emoticon, tap on it, and hold to copy it on a touchscreen device. Tap, and hold on a text field to copy it.

Emoticons may not have the same design on different devices. Applications store emoticon information as a combination of letters, numbers and characters. For instance, U+1F370 stands for the shortcake emoticon on all devices.

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