How Do You Copy an Audio CD to a Hard Drive?


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To copy an audio CD to your hard drive, insert the audio CD into the CD-ROM drive, and copy the audio CD using Windows Media Player. The process takes less than 30 minutes.

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  1. Insert the audio CD into the CD-ROM

    Insert the audio CD into the CD-ROM drive, and start Windows Media Player. If Windows Media Player is in skin mode, press Ctrl+1 to set it to full mode.

  2. Copy the audio CD

    Under the File menu in Windows Media Player, click Copy, then Copy From Audio CD. Choose the drive to copy, select the audio files to copy, and click Copy Music. By default, all files not copied before are selected, but you can choose the audio files you wish to copy by deselecting the check boxes.

  3. Open the copied audio files

    By default, the audio CD is copied to the My Music folder under My Documents on your hard drive.

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