How Do You Find the Coordinates of a Location With Google Maps?


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To find the coordinates of a location with Google Maps, open the application on a browser, right click on the location on the map and choose the "What's here?" option. This option pulls up a list of details about that location.

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To find the coordinates of a specific place with Google Maps on a computer or mobile device, run through the following steps.

  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Go to Google Maps on a Web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

  3. Right click a location
  4. Right click on the desired location on the map.

  5. Choose "What's here?"
  6. The "What's here?" option displays details about that location.

  7. Find the coordinates
  8. Find the coordinates in the location details.

Google Maps Lite mode cannot display coordinates. Users running the Lite version of the website should switch to the full version before searching for coordinates.

To share coordinates on an Android or iOS device, open the Google Maps application, drop a pin in a location and go into the details menu. Select the "Share" option and select sharing options, such as email or text message. To see the coordinates, open the link in a browser and tap the "What's here?" option to display the location details.

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