What Are Some Cool Things You Can Do With Your Mobile Phone?


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IPhone users can use their phones to see which flights are overhead, use their phone as a level with the compass app, and have their phone read their texts out loud. Some cool things that people can do with their Androids include typing by swiping, keeping their screens bright as long as they are looking at them, and setting up a facial recognition lock.

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Some cool tricks that many iPhone users are unaware of include charging phones more quickly by turning on airplane mode and customizing Siri by teaching "her" how to pronounce various words and names. Iphone users can text more easily with features such as double-tapping the space bar to create a period at the end of a sentence and creating shortcuts for phrases like "on my way!" with the letters "omw."

There are also several features that are unique to Androids. The Android Beam can share apps, photos, music and contacts just by tapping together with another phone. The Android also allows users to set warnings to ensure they never go over their data allowance.

Some things that users can do with both Androids and iPhones include taking screenshots, blocking certain calls and texts, and using the camera flash as a notification for texts. Users can also choose to set an alphabetical password instead of the default 4-digit passcode.

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