What Are Some Cool Keyboard Tricks?


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Some cool keyboard tricks for Windows are Windows+D, Alt+Print Screen, Ctrl+Shift+N, Shift+Right Click and Shift+Delete. Using keyboard shortcuts and tricks can help save time by decreasing the steps needed to complete various computing tasks, such as minimizing windows, taking screen shots, and creating new folders.

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By pressing the Windows and D keys together, users can minimize all windows on their computer desktops. Pressing the Alt and Print Screen together captures a screen shot of the active window on the screen and stores it in the clipboard. By pressing the Shift key and right-clicking a file, users can copy the path of the file as text. To create a new folder, press the Ctrl, Shift and N keys together. In addition, pressing the Shift and Delete keys on a selected file deletes the file without putting it in the recycle bin.

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