How Do You Convert XML File to XLS?


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If it becomes necessary to convert an XML file to a XLS format so it can be opened in Microsoft Excel, it needs to be exported to an editor and then imported back to Excel. XML is the general file extension for a spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel. XML files work for other programs.

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  1. Exporting the XML File
  2. To export an XML file, open up Microsoft Excel and access the file dropdown. When given the option to save the file, choose the XML spreadsheet option. After saving, the exported XML file can be opened outside of Excel.
  3. Accessing and Editing Source Data
  4. Next, find the source data for the XML file. Right-click the saved file and access it through a program like Notepad, Excel resource Excel Easy recommends. By adjusting certain code through the addition of various tags pertaining to the data set, the user can alter the source data. Save the file when done.
  5. Importing the XML File Into Microsoft Excel
  6. Lastly, access and import the edited XML file into Microsoft Excel. Open Excel, choose to open XML files and pick the one edited. Users may have to select a style sheet to open the file, but this usually isn't mandatory. From there, save the file as an XLS.
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