How Do You Convert From XLSX?

How Do You Convert From XLSX?

Use the free Zamzar online conversion service to convert from an XLSX file to an XLS format. You only need a computer with an Internet connection, a Web browser and an XLSX file to get started.

  1. Launch your Web browser

    Open your preferred Web browser. Wait for the start page to load.

  2. Navigate to Zamzar

    Type the Zamzar Web address in the URL text field. Press Enter on your keyboard, and wait for the Zamzar homepage to load.

  3. Upload the XLSX file

    Click the Choose Files button, and navigate to your XLSX file. Click Open to upload the file to Zamzar.

  4. Select a conversion format

    Click the "Convert files to" drop-down box to reveal a format list. Select XLS under the Document Formats subheading.

  5. Enter your email address

    Type your active email address in the text field. Zamzar sends a link to the converted XLS file to your email address, so mark Zamzar as safe in your email to prevent your Gmail, Yahoo or similar email service from classifying the message as spam.

  6. Convert the XLSX file

    Click the Convert button to start the conversion process. After a few moments, check your email for a link to download your converted XLS file.