How Do You Convert VHS to DVD Format?

How Do You Convert VHS to DVD Format?

There are different ways to convert VHS to DVD, but a simple method is to connect the adapter to the computer and VCR and install the software. Convert the VHS to a blank DVD and burn the disc.

  1. Install adapter software

    Insert the analog-to-digital software installation disc and follow the instruction manual to install the program. Analog-to-digital adapters generally cost between $40 to $100.

  2. Connect the adapter

    Plug in the adapter to the computer and the VCR. Refer to the instruction manual to find out how to connect the adapter cables into the appropriate inputs.

  3. Insert a blank DVD and VHS tape

    Clean the VHS tape using a cotton swab. Place the tape in the VCR and insert the blank DVD into the computer. Check to make sure the blank DVD is compatible with the DVD burner of the computer.

  4. Start the program

    Open the adapter software and follow the instructions to initiate the conversion process. The process varies depending on the product, but most programs ask you to create a name for the file, start the VCR, and press record. Wait until the process is done, usually the duration is the length of the VHS content because the conversion takes place in real time.

  5. Burn the DVD

    Choose the option to burn the DVD if available, otherwise locate the file on your computer, and burn the video to the blank DVD manually.