How Do You Convert a SIG File Into a JPEG File?

Open the SIG file with the Broderbund software that created it, then export it into a JPEG format. If you do not have the original program, then you will have to download and use an image-converting program. Open the SIG file with your new software, and convert it to a JPEG file. Examine the new JPEG file for any changes or distortions, then save the corrected image again if necessary.

  1. Open the SIG file

    Use a Broderbund program if possible, either the original one used to create the file or a similar one. If the program is not available, then you need to open your file with an image-converting program. Such programs are easily found online. Some are inexpensive or free, but choose a quality program for the best possible results.

  2. Save the file in a JPEG format

    Export the file into the JPEG format by saving as a JPEG file within the Broderbund program. If you are working with an image-converting program, follow the instructions to save the image correctly as a JPEG file.

  3. Examine the image for changes

    Changing the format may cause some distortion of the image or some loss of colors, fonts or pictures. Look at the JPEG file, and replace or correct any of the image parts that are distorted or missing.

  4. Save the image again

    Save the corrected image again, if necessary. Make certain you save it in JPEG format.