How Do You Convert a Scanned Document to a Word File?


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While there are several methods of converting a scanned PDF document to a Microsoft Word document, it can be done for free using a conversion website. Select the PDF document you want to convert, and then select an output format to complete the conversion.

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  1. Open a free conversion website in your Web browser

    Launch your preferred Web browser, and point the browser to the Online OCR website.

  2. Upload the original scanned PDF

    Click the Select file button on the website. A window appears that displays the files on your computer. Navigate to the scanned PDF, and select it.

  3. Choose a language

    From the drop-down menu, select the language in which the scanned document is written. The default setting is English.

  4. Select an output format

    The default setting for the output format is .docx, which is Microsoft Word's document format. Even though this is the default, you should ensure that .docx is selected.

  5. Enter the captcha code

    A captcha code appears after you select a language and output format. Enter the code. Then, click the Convert button.

  6. Download the converted file

    Click the Download output file button that appears after you enter the captcha. The Microsoft Word document is automatically downloaded to your computer.

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