How Do You Convert an RTF File Into a MS Word Document?

There are three primary ways to convert rich text files to files compatible with Microsoft Word, such as .doc or .docx formats: manually open and save the document as a new file type, use an online conversion service, or download one of many available conversion programs. Free conversion programs are available online.

  1. Open the file with Word

    There are two ways to open the file with Word. First, you can locate the .rtf file in its folder, right-click on it, then select Open With from the menu that pops up. Here, you can choose to open the file with Word. You may have to select Browse if Word does not come up as an option. In this case, you have to locate the folder with the Word launch icon, which is usually under Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office. The other method is to launch Word, then click Open under the File menu. Find the folder where the .rtf file is saved, then double-click to open it in Word.

  2. Save it as a Word file

    Once your file is open in Word, click on the File menu again, and select Save As. Depending on your version of Word, you may have to select a destination folder before a save window appears. When the save window comes up, look under the line where the file name appears, and click the Save as Type drop menu. From here, you can select Word Document to save it in either a .docx format or as a Word 97-2003 Document for .doc.

  3. Use an online service

    If manual conversion is beyond your comfort level with Word, try one of several online conversion services. The methods vary by website, but they are generally easy to follow. Use a search engine to find a service that works for you.

  4. Download conversion software

    There are many free or inexpensive converter software programs that can be downloaded from CNET, and they typically work the same way as the online services, except you can access them offline.