How Do You Convert a PRN File to DOC?

Use PDFCreator to convert a PRN file to a PDF format, and then open the PDF in Microsoft Word to save it as a DOC file. You need a Windows-based computer or a Mac with Windows installed through BootCamp, a PRN file, PDFCreator, and Microsoft Word to get started.

  1. Download and install PDFCreator

    Open a Web browser, and navigate to the PDFForge website. Click on the link for PDFCreator, and download the program to your computer. Install PDFCreator according to the on-screen prompts. Open PDFCreator when done.

  2. Print the PRN to PDFCreator

    Use PDFCreator to print the PRN to a readable format. Change the file name, size and output in the pop-up box. Click Save, and select PDF as your output format. Save the file to your Documents folder.

  3. Open Microsoft Word

    Open Microsoft Word. Click File, and select Open. Browse for the newly saved PDF file in your Documents folder. Click Open to load it into Word. Make the necessary changes to fit the content on the page.

  4. Save to DOC

    Click File, and select Save As. Type the name of the file in the appropriate text field, and select DOC as the save format. Save the new DOC file to your Documents folder.