How Do You Convert a PDF to a JPG?

There are several methods to convert a PDF to a JPG file because both file types are images, but a web-based method ensures success regardless of the operating system. Visit the Zamzar website, and upload your PDF file. Select the proper settings, and convert the file.

  1. Access the Zamzar website

    Open your web browser of choice. Enter "" into the address bar at the top of the browser.

  2. Upload your original PDF file

    Click on the Choose Files option. A dialog box appears. Find and select the PDF file from your computer.

  3. Select the output option

    Click on Convert Files to open the drop-down menu. Select JPG from the list of potential outputs.

  4. Provide your email address

    In the text box, enter your email address. The converted file is sent to this address when the process is complete.

  5. Convert the file

    Click the Convert button on the right side of the screen. The file is converted and sent to the email address you previously provided.

  6. Download the JPG file

    Open your email account. Locate and open the email from Zamzar. Click and download the attached JPG file. If the file does not automatically open after the download is complete, open the file to ensure that the PDF file was correctly converted.