How Do You Convert a PDF to a JPEG?

How Do You Convert a PDF to a JPEG?

Use an online service to convert a PDF file into a JPEG format. As of 2014, Zamzar is free to use and only requires an email address and the PDF file to begin.

  1. Open a Web browser

    Open any Web browser on your computer. Navigate to the Zamzar website, and wait for the home page to load.

  2. Import the PDF file

    Click Choose Files, and navigate to the PDF file on your computer. Click Open.

  3. Select the JPEG format

    Click the Convert Files To drop-down box to reveal a list of options. Scroll down to the Image Formats section, and select JPEG from the list.

  4. Enter your email address

    Type your email address in the provided text field. Though Zamzar does not require an account to use its service, Zamzar needs an email address to send the downloadable file to your computer.

  5. Convert the file

    Click the Convert button, and wait for Zamzar to upload the PDF file to its server. The conversion process can take a few minutes to complete. After a moment, check your inbox for an email from Zamzar.

  6. Retrieve your JPEG file

    Open the Zamzar email in your inbox. Click the link inside the email to download the JPEG file to your computer. If you do not retrieve the JPEG file within 24 hours, Zamzar discards it and you have to reconvert the PDF file.