How Do You Convert a Pagemaker File to a PDF?

To convert an Adobe PageMaker file to a PDF, simply export the file using the program's built-in Export PDF plug-in. Adobe ceased development of PageMaker in 2004, but if you are still using a legacy version of the program, you can export high-resolution PDFs of your work to have the files professionally printed.

  1. Access the Export feature

    Open the file you want to convert to PDF. Access the File menu, and navigate down to the Export option.

  2. Select Adobe PDF

    From the Export menu, select Adobe PDF. This export option also allows you to convert the file to HTML.

  3. Confirm the file settings

    Selecting Adobe PDF pulls up a dialog box. This box allows you to change the file's settings. The Job Distiller pull-down menu at the top lets you choose from ebook, print, screen or press presets that ensure the PDF is optimized for the way you intend to use the file. This box also allows you to apply security settings to the file and embed tags.

  4. Click the Export button

    The program prompts you to name the file and choose a destination in which to save it. In moments, the conversion is complete. If you have any problems with the conversion and export process, you may have to update the program's Export PDF plug-in by downloading the latest version from the Adobe website.