How Do You Convert ODT to DOC Format?

How Do You Convert ODT to DOC Format?

Convert ODT, OpenOffice, files to the DOC, Microsoft Word, format by saving the file through OpenOffice. When an ODT file is converted, some of its formatting may be lost. Prevent wasted time by formatting text after the conversion.

  1. Locate the ODT file

    Locate the file in its parent directory. Once found, double-click to open the file in OpenOffice.

  2. Prepare for conversion

    Click the File drop-down menu in the upper-left corner of the screen. Select Save As, and wait for the dialogue box to appear. Alternatively, access this box by pressing the Ctrl, Shift and S keys simultaneously.

  3. Save the file

    Create a new name for the file next to the Name text box. Below this field, click the drop-down menu located next to the Save As Type.

  4. Select DOC file type

    Locate the DOC file extension from the drop-down menu. The menu offers several Microsoft Word versions. Select the most recent version.

  5. Finalize the conversion

    Press Save to complete the conversion process, which may take several minutes depending on the file size.

  6. Open in Microsoft Word

    Locate the newly saved file in its parent folder. Double-click to open the file in Microsoft Word. Review its contents to ensure the document converted properly. Formatting from the ODT document may not display in the DOC format.