How Do You Convert an ODS File to Excel?

How Do You Convert an ODS File to Excel?

You can convert ODS files to the XLS format by using Microsoft Excel or Zamzar. XLS is the default file format used by Microsoft Excel.

Excel can automatically convert ODS files when opening them. To do so, click File, then click Open, and then select Computer. Click Browse to open a file explorer window and navigate to the folder the ODS file is in. Select the file and click Open.

While looking for the file in the file explorer, select OpenDocument SpreadSheet (*.odx) from the format drop-down menu to filter folder content to only display ODS files. Note that Excel does not convert the original file, so you must save the new converted spreadsheet manually.

Zamzar can convert ODS files into XLS without requiring an installation. Upload the ODS file, select XLS from the drop-down list, and type in your email address. Clicking Convert converts the ODS file and sends the XLS output to your email address.

Note that converting an ODS file to XLS or opening it in Microsoft Excel may not keep the exact formatting of the original spreadsheets. This is because Excel and OpenDocument spreadsheet applications support different features. Graphic elements are especially susceptible to faulty conversion.