How Do You Convert Music Files to MP3 Format for Free?

How Do You Convert Music Files to MP3 Format for Free?

Convert music files to MP3 format using free programs such as Free Studio, Switch Sound File Converter, Super and YouConvertIt. The first three options are downloadable programs, and YouConvertIt is a Web-based app.

Free Studio is a group of free programs that includes an audio converter. The audio conversion software allows users to select the output bitrate, change audio tags, and set up the program to shut down after conversion is complete.

Switch Sound File Converter supports a wide variety of file types and offers mass file conversions and the ability to import whole file directories, letting users convert files by dragging folders. Switch also allows users to extract audio from CDs, DVDs and Internet audio streams.

Super is a simple conversion program that also supports a wide range of audio file formats. The program allows users to convert audio files and to extract audio from video files and convert them to MP3 format.

YouConvertIt is a free website that allows users to upload audio files and convert them into MP3 format. The site doesn’t support as wide a range of files as some programs. The site allows a maximum file upload size of 300 megabytes, but most music files do not exceed this size.