How Do You Convert MP3s to an ITunes Format?


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To convert or import MP3 media files to an Apple iTunes format, drag the file or file folder from your computer desktop to the iTunes window. You can also complete this conversion process by selecting the File tab under the Menu link in the iTunes application and then clicking the Add to Library tab to locate and open a file folder or file. The exact process for converting an MP3 media file to an iTunes format depends on your device.

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If the iTunes library is empty, click the Scan for Media option to search for all available files you can add to the iTunes playlist. While iTunes is copying your MP3 file, it leaves the original copy in place without alterations. This feature works for both the Mac and Windows version of the program. The new copied version then formats to work with iTunes and other Apple devices. Once the file converts to an iTunes format, the file appears in your playlist.

In addition, you can import the file over a Home Sharing network instead of from a single computer source. You can also convert other media formats to an iTunes format, such as WAV and AAC files. However, you can't convert protected WMA files and WMV files to the library.

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