How Do You Convert MP3 Files to an Audio CD?

To convert MP3 files to an audio CD in Windows Media Player, open Windows Media Player, click Burn, drag playlists and tracks onto the burn list, and load a blank CD-R into a CD drive that burns to CDs. Click Start Burn.

When you launch Windows Media Player and click Burn, a tab automatically opens allowing you to curate and assemble the tracks and playlists you want to burn. After you click and drag your selections to the burn list, you can rearrange their position and burn them in a desired order.

In addition to a blank CD-R you also can use CD-RW. However, not all CD players can read CD-RW, so a CD-R ensures that any compact disc player can potentially read and play your burned disk. Windows Media Player ejects the disc after burning it.

Programs that perform similarly to the Burn function in Windows Media Player include Free Audio CD Burner. The steps to burn MP3 files onto a CD-R or CD-RW are also similar. To use Free Audio CD Burner, for instance, download and launch the program.

Click Add Files, and then select MP3 files from your computer. A size bar indicates occupied and available space on the inserted disc as you select and add files. Insert the disc into the recording drive, and click Burn.

Other MP3 to CD conversion programs include FinalBurner Free, BurnAware Free, Ashampoo Burning Studio Free and CDBurner XP Pro 4, as of 2015.