How Do You Convert M4a to Mp3 Files?


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Although there are a number of ways to convert m4a to mp3 files, using iTunes to complete the conversion is recommended because it works for both Mac and Windows operating systems. To convert the file in iTunes, change the import settings, select the sound file, and then convert the file.

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How Do You Convert M4a to Mp3 Files?
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  1. Change import settings

    Open the Preferences menu in iTunes. Click the General button, and click Importing settings. Select mp3 from the list of formats listed in the Import menu. Click OK to save the settings.

  2. Select the file you want to convert

    In your song library, find the sound file that you want to convert. If you need to add the m4a file into iTunes, drag the file from its original location into the library pane in iTunes.

  3. Convert the file

    Click on the m4a file. Click File. Then, click Create New Version. Select Create MP3 version and the m4a file is converted to an mp3 file.

Upload your M4a file to Zamzar, and select MP3 as the conversion format. Use Zamzar for free, or create an account to manage your converted files any time in the future.

  1. Navigate to Zamzar

    Open your Web browser. Navigate to the Zamzar home page, and wait for the site to load.

  2. Locate your M4a file

    Open a Windows Explorer or Mac Finder window, and navigate to the M4a file. Place the window to the side of the screen.

  3. Drag and drop the M4a file

    With the window placed over the Zamzar home page, drag and drop the M4a file from the window to the website. Alternatively, click the Choose Files button, and navigate to the file on your computer. Click Open.

  4. Select the MP3 format

    Click the drop-down menu, and scroll down to the Music Formats section. Click MP3.

  5. Enter your information

    Type your email address in the text field. Zamzar sends a download link to your email address once it finishes converting the M4a file.

  6. Convert the M4a file

    Click the Convert button to start the conversion process. Wait for Zamzar to upload and convert the M4a file. Afterward, check your inbox for a Zamzar email. Open the email, and click the link to download the MP3 file to your computer.

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