How Do You Convert a JPEG File to a PDF File on a Mac OS?

How Do You Convert a JPEG File to a PDF File on a Mac OS?

One of the best ways to convert a JPEG file to a PDF file on a Mac-based operating system is by using the Preview application. Preview is one of the basic applications that comes with bundled with Mac-based OS such as the OS X. While it is primarily used to display and preview image and PDF files, it also has the ability to manage and convert between the file formats.

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group and it is the standard file compression format for digital images. On the other hand, PDF or Portable Data Format, is a type of file format that makes displaying documents possible without the need of the parent application that was used to create it.

The following shows how to convert a JPEG file into a PDF file using Preview.

  1. Launch Preview
  2. The Preview application can be launched from the application folder or from the application dock.

  3. Open the JPEG file
  4. Click on "File" located on the toolbar and then select "Open" from the menu. Search for the JPEG file on the computer or on the user's iCloud storage. Multiple JPEG files can be opened and converted at the same time, which can save time if more than one file needs to be converted.

  5. Convert
  6. With the JPEG file open, click on "View" on the toolbar and choose "Thumbnails" on the menu. Select the pages to convert and then select "Export" from the File menu. Type the name of the file on the following screen, select "PDF" as a file format and then click on "Save."