How Do You Convert DVDs With VLC?

How Do You Convert DVDs With VLC?

In order to rip and convert DVDs, computer owners will need a computer equipped with a DVD drive and an active installation of the VLC Media player. VLC is a free multimedia player designed to play most video files including DVDs. In addition to Windows, it offers support for Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

VLC has a user friendly interface with simple controls. Owners can convert their favorite DVDs for storage by following a few quick steps.

  1. Set up system
  2. Start up the computer and insert the DVD into the disc drive. Navigate to the system's menu and launch VLC.

  3. Initiate rip
  4. In VLC, click on Media and select Convert/Save. An alternative method is to use the shortcut key CTRL+R. Choose DVD in the opened tab and then select the start and stop times. Click on "convert/save."

  5. Save file
  6. Select how the media file will be saved. VLC offers support for mov, wav, flv, mp4 and mpg among others. Choose a save destination on the computer hard drive and click "save." Press "start" to launch the conversion process. Converting a DVD may take anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour depending on the computer. During conversions, VLC provides a progress count that owners can use in tracking the progress rate.