How Do You Convert a Cassette to an MP3?


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To convert a cassette to MP3 format, play the cassette on a stereo, and use recording software to capture each side as a single track. Then, manually split the tracks into individual MP3 files. This process takes several hours and requires a stereo, a computer and audio editing software.

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  1. Prepare to record

    Load the cassette tape into a stereo system. For the best recording quality, do this in a quiet room, and put the stereo and computer close to one another. Open a new file in the audio editing program, and start recording.

  2. Play the cassette

    Play the cassette. When the first side ends, stop recording on your computer. Save the file in MP3 format, and close the file. Then, open a new file. Flip the cassette over, and start recording before playing the rest of the cassette. Save the file before closing it.

  3. Split the tracks

    Open the recording of the cassette's first side, and create a duplicate file. Save that file to prevent data loss in the event of accidental deletion during the editing process. Create an MP3 for each track on the cassette tape. Label and save the files, and then repeat the process with the recording of the second side.

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