How Do You Convert BIN Files to an AVI Format?

To convert a BIN file to an AVI file, a disk image tool, such as PowerISO or IsoBuster, is required. The software allows the user to extract images, including AVI files, contained within the BIN's ISO file.

To begin the process, ensure the BIN file has a corresponding CUE file in the same folder, then install either PowerISO or IsoBuster, or similar software, onto the same system. Right-click on the BIN file and select Mount with [name of disk image tool installed] from the menu that appears. Select the storage drive that the BIN file should mount to before clicking OK. This is usually the C: drive. Ensure the BIN file is mounted before performing the next step.

To begin the extraction process, right-click on the BIN's AVI file and select Copy from the menu that appears. Open the location on the storage drive the AVI file should be extracted to, such as the Desktop or Documents folder, and right-click in an open area of that location. Select Paste from the menu that appears. Open the extracted AVI file to ensure the process worked correctly. To unmount the BIN file from the disk image tool, right-click on the file and select Unmount from the menu that appears.