How Do You Convert Analog TV to HDTV?

How Do You Convert Analog TV to HDTV?

Convert an analog television to receive a digital, or HDTV, signal by first acquiring a digital converter box. Then, connect the digital converter box to the television using coaxial wires.

Before starting, make sure that both the television set and the new digital converter box are unplugged and off. Then, place the digital converter box either under or near the television set so that you can connect the wires.

A coaxial antenna wire should be connected to the analog television's "In" port. Unplug this and then plug it into the "In" port of the converter box instead. A coaxial wire should also come with the new converter box, and you should connect this wire to the "Out to TV" port of the converter box. Plug the other end of it into the "Antenna In" port of the analog television.

Finally, plug both the television and converter box back in and turn them on. To view the signal, change the television to either channel 3 or 4. Then, use the remote control connected to the converter box to operate it.

Since 2009, television programming in the United States has been completely digital. Without a digital converter, an analog television cannot receive cable or digital service. Additionally, since 2009 manufacturers have been required to set up all televisions for digital service.