What Are Some Convenient Texting Features?

What Are Some Convenient Texting Features?

Some of the most convenient features of texting include Swype, saving drafts, quick reply, MMS, longer characters, emoji support and text forwarding. Delivery reports, autocorrect and message timestamps are also advantageous features.

Texting is a great way to communicate without necessarily having physical contact. Swype is a feature mostly found on touchscreen devices that empowers the user to type a message by sweeping his fingers across the keyboard; however, the device has to have keyboard support.

Autocorrect works in the same way through the keyboard. It automatically detects grammatical errors the user may not have noticed while typing and makes the necessary corrections. Different autocorrect levels can be set depending on the user's requirements.

Quick reply is another handy text feature on phones. When a text arrives, instead of the user having to navigate to the text app, a popup is displayed on the screen with the message and a text field for replying.

Delivery reports allow the user to get visual alerts when the text he sent reaches the intended destination. Timestamps enable the user to view the exact time at which the text in question arrived.

MMS is a text feature that allows users to send pictures, videos and audio files to other users over text. Emoticons, also called emoji, are facial representations used to express emotions through text.