How Do You Control Your Vizio Smart Television Using a Remote App?

The VizRemote is a television remote control app available in the Google Play Store for download on most smart phones. For iPhones, users need to download the iWavit application from the App Store to control the Vizio smart television.

The VizRemote application is an unofficial infrared remote control app for the Vizio television. The application is downloadable for free and works on phones and tablets that come with a built-in infrared blaster. Once the phone’s infrared blaster is pointed directly at the television, it functions like a regular remote control. The working range of the app typically covers one to three meters, with a maximum range of five meters.

There is no additional hardware requirement for the VizRemote application. If the application is not functioning properly, the phone does not have an infrared blaster, the television is out of range, or the Vizio television model does not have the infrared receiver.

As for iPhones, an iWavit attachment must be plugged into the bottom of the phone. Install the iWavit application for Vizio, enter the iTunes account password, and begin download of the application. Open the application, and point the phone to the television. Press buttons on the phone screen to control the television.