How Do You Get a No-Contract Phone at Walmart?

How Do You Get a No-Contract Phone at Walmart?

Users can get a no-contact phone either in person at Walmart or through from providers such as Straight Talk and Virgin Mobile. After purchasing the phone, users should follow the provider's instructions for activating the phone for service, suggests The phone may be prepaid and require users to buy credit upfront, or it may require monthly service fees but allow users to cancel at any time.

Use the following steps to get a no-contract phone at Walmart and activate it.

  1. Choose a phone
  2. Go to the electronics department at a physical Walmart store to see the selection of no-contract phones available. Alternatively, visit the cell phones section of and use the filter option to see no-contract phones and explore options by carrier.

  3. Choose a service plan, if required
  4. After getting the phone, visit the carrier's website or read any enclosed materials about plan options and costs. Look for information such as the amount of data included per month, airtime minutes, texting packages and any overage fees. If using a pay-as-you-go plan, check the cost for each text message and phone call and for data usage.

  5. Activate the phone
  6. Follow the carrier's instructions for activating the phone, which may be done online or by phone. This information is usually included in the box with the phone but is also on the carrier's website.