What Is a Content Management System?


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A content management system is a computer application through which a person can manage the content of a website. A typical content management system includes functions, such as indexing, retrieval, format management and revision control. It consists of two elements: content management application and content delivery application.

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An author of Web content, or a person who manages it, can use the CMA element of a content management system to create, modify or remove content without having to possess the skills of a webmaster, particularly being familiar with the Web programming language HTML. Once the information has been input through the system, the CDA element compiles the content and updates the website.

A CMS features a Web-based publishing functionality that allows users to employ templates and input wizards to easily create and modify the content of a website. By using the format management feature, a user can import scanned paper documents or documents that use obsolete formats to the website by formatting the content into HTML or PDF. A CMS normally indexes all content that goes through it, which lets users search and retrieve specific bits of data by using corresponding keywords.

As of 2014, content management systems, such as WordPress, are commonly used to facilitate blogging by managing data, including text, images and videos, and automatically creating the pages for the author.

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