What Are the Best Container Tracking Services Available?

What Are the Best Container Tracking Services Available?

Some of the best free container tracking services include WhereMy.com and Track-Trace.com. Other services, such as ShipmentLink.com, offer some free services but require registration to access premium services. SeaRates.com is even more elaborate, offering paid container tracking services and logistic route planning.

WhereMy.com has a simple container tracking field, requiring only the container number to work. A container number has a four-letter owner code, a six-digit serial number and one extra check digit. The latter can help find mistakes in the container number. If the number is input incorrectly, a wrong digit warning appears. This firm tracks containers for participating companies, including DHL, UPS and FedEx.

Track-Trace.com works much the same way, but each type of tracking has its own entry field. Like WhereMy.com, it also tracks for participating companies. Air cargo and international postal package tracking service is also available.

ShipmentLink.com allows users to do quick tracking of multiple items using a bill of lading number, container number or booking number. Additional services, such as shipment statistics and tracking reports, require registration and are only available to businesses.

SeaRates.com is designed for the shipping industry. It sells downloadable apps for container tracking using the shipping line and the container number. The logistics route planner app lets clients plot routes and check on cargo location anytime using a booking number.