What Is Contained in a Sound Effects Library?


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A sound effects library contains a wide selection of sound effects that filmmakers, video game developers and musicians can use in their creations. BBC Complete Sound Effects Library and FreeSound are two examples.

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BBC's product consists of two components: the BBC Historical Archives Sound Effects Library and the BBC Nature Sound Effects Library. Together, they offer a library of 29,420 sound effects recorded at 44.1 kilohertz. The effects are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X systems. As of 2015, the library costs $4,999 per user.

The Historical Archives component consists of sounds effects from throughout history. Some of its contents are: Chinese fireworks, Czech chatter, World War II sounds, the Big Ben bell and Ford Motel T false start sounds. In comparison, the nature component offers sounds animal and ambient sounds that BBC sound engineers recorded all around the world. Some of the sound effects of the Nature component are: killer whales from Norway, ice cracking in Alaska, Costa Rican vultures and apes from Borneo.

FreeSound is a free alternative offering user-generated content. While every single effect in BBC's library is available for commercial use, FreeSound has different terms for each sound. The effects offered by the authors fall under the Creative Commons Zero license and are available for use in any project. Creative Commons Attribution license requires the user to credit the author. Sounds effects that are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial are only available for noncommercial projects and require the user to credit the author.

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