How Do You View Your Contact List on Your IPhone?


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As of 2015, contacts on an iPhone are viewed through the Contacts option in the Phone application, which comes with all iPhones. This is the application that is used to make phone calls. All contacts in the phone are displayed when this application is opened.

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The contact list and the process for making calls on an iPhone are intertwined. Viewing a contact list is done through the Contacts tab, which is found on the Phone application.

Tap the Phone application and then select Contacts. This displays the full list of contacts, usually in alphabetical order. To see particular entries on the list, the user has two options. The user can scroll through the list as a first option. The second option is to use the list of letters to jump to the section of the contacts list needed. The user can then scroll from there.

Once the relevant contact is found, the user should tap on it to display the details. This usually includes the phone number and email address and any other information the user has included. From here, the user can make a call to the contact by tapping on one of the listed phone numbers.

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