How Do I Contact Hotmail?

To contact Hotmail, go to the Microsoft support page, and choose the type of help you need. All Hotmail accounts have been upgraded to Outlook accounts, both of which are Microsoft products.

  1. Go to the Microsoft support page

    Find this page by going to the Microsoft website, clicking the Support tab along the top menu and selecting the Contact Us tab.

  2. Find the type of support you need

    Microsoft has several contact options, including account and billing, technical support, and setup and installation support. Click the option best suited to your needs in contacting Hotmail.

  3. Choose Outlook from the product list

    If Outlook is not listed on the next page, type Outlook into the search box, and choose your Outlook product from the list of options that appear.

  4. Chat or request a call

    Microsoft gives the option of chatting with a selected representative or requesting a call. When requesting a call, schedule a time that works best for you.