What Is Considered a Good Text Message for Flirting?


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A good text message for flirting is, "Stop making me think about you. I’m busy” or a message that asks if the other person could win an arm-wrestling match. Other good text messages for flirting ask the recipient about something in her life or they make the recipient laugh.

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A good, flirty text message is open-ended so that the person receiving the message can respond with more than a one-word answer. Another good way to flirt is to ask the person for her opinion about something because it shows the person that the sender values her opinion. In addition, a good flirty text asks the person about how her day is or how she is feeling.

Laughter is another good way to flirt by text, because laughter between people encourages relationships. An example of a funny text would be to tell the recipient of an upcoming bowling outing with friends and that the recipient should not come if she is afraid of losing. Emotion icons and smiley faces also help keep a light atmosphere when writing flirty texts. Good, flirty messages do not include common phrases or sayings that lack meaningful content, such as, "What's up?"

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