What Considerations Need to Be Accounted for When Choosing the Size of a TV?


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Room size is perhaps the biggest consideration when choosing the size of a new TV. Other major considerations include image technology, number of viewers and budget.

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As a general rule of thumb, technology reviewers recommend buying the biggest television you can afford to take advantage of improvements in color and imaging technology. However, for viewers to enjoy programs as they are designed to be viewed, television screens are also designed for optimal viewing from specific distances. To watch a large TV comfortably, the viewing room has to be large enough for viewers to sit the correct distance away. Allowing for individual differences in visual acuity, correct distances can be from 3.3 feet away for a 25-inch screen to 9.3 feet away for a 70-inch screen.

For this reason, people are often displeased with large screens in small rooms because they cannot sit far enough away to view the best picture quality. Also, different family members may need to sit at different distances to find the angular resolution that works best with their vision.

Be prepared to audition several sizes of televisions using different imaging technologies and screen resolutions. Although marketers claim, for instance, that ultra-high resolution LED technology provides a clearer picture than LCD, this is not necessarily the case for every viewer. Perceptions of picture quality can also change from smaller to larger screens. Only your eyes can tell you which picture quality is right for you.

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