How Do You Connect a Wireless Mouse?

How Do You Connect a Wireless Mouse?

To connect a wireless mouse, begin by inserting the mouse's adapter into a USB port or insert the included CD if available. Both the adapter or CD upload the correct drivers onto your computer, enabling you to use the device by simply turning it on.

  1. Insert the wireless adapter or included CD

    Plug the adapter into your device, or insert the CD. if available.

  2. Download the correct drivers

    With the adapter or CD inserted, follow the on-screen prompt to install the software needed to use the mouse. In some cases, you can find the correct driver on a manufacturer's website or elsewhere on the Internet.

  3. Check for power, and turn the mouse on

    Ensure that the mouse has batteries or is fully charged, and then switch it on by holding the connect button or sliding the switch. If the drivers are properly installed, the mouse should function normally.