How Do You Connect to WiFi As a Guest?


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Guest networks are accessed the same way as other networks that broadcast an SSID. Select the preferred network and, if prompted, provide the password in the corresponding field. Private guest networks require authentication for Internet and local access.

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Routers attempting to host guest networks require the ability to broadcast dual SSIDs. All newer routers that support the use of dual-band technology are compatible with guest networks. Accessing the administration page for the router allows users to tweak settings to make this possible by enabling a setting that broadcasts the guest network automatically or by dedicating either of the bands to the task.

To access the administration page, enter the default gateway IP address into the address bar of any web browser. When prompted, provide the user name and password to allow administrator access. Once administrator access is granted, navigate to an advanced settings tab where guest network settings are located. Check the box that enables the guest network, save the changes and restart the networking equipment.

If the router doesn't support an easy-to-use guest network interface similar to what is stated above, simply dedicate one band of the dual-band router to this task. Select the band that is being used for guest access and change the name to "guest" and, if necessary, provide a password for guests.

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