How Do I Connect a Wi-Fi Printer to My Laptop?

connect-wi-fi-printer-laptop Credit: moodboard/Cultura/Getty Images

To connect a wireless printer to a laptop, install the printer's driver to the laptop, and establish the correct settings during the setup process. Select the printer as a device on your laptop, and the wireless connection between the laptop and the printer is then complete.

  1. Install the printer's driver to the laptop

    Many times, a CD with the driver comes with a printer purchase. If it did not, or the CD is lost, drivers are typically available for download online. This is particularly helpful if the laptop does not have a CD reader.

  2. Choose the correct settings for the driver

    When installing the driver, indicate that the printer is to be used on the Wi-Fi network. Also, give the name of the home network and the password for the network.

  3. Follow the instructions for wireless installation

    Each printer has different instructions and steps for installation. Follow them carefully so that the printer recognizes the network and the computer talks to the printer correctly.

  4. Select the printer

    Depending on the operating system of the laptop, selecting the printer is accomplished in various ways. An easy way to find the printer is to type a short paragraph, and get ready to print it. Then select the newly-installed printer from the available options of printers.

  5. Print a sample document

    Choose something on the laptop, and attempt to print it. If everything is set up correctly, the document should appear at the printer.