How Do You Connect a VCR to a TV?

How Do You Connect a VCR to a TV?

Depending on the model of the television and VCR, there are multiple options available to connect them together. By using red, white and yellow RCA cables, you can carry the video and audio to the TV, and an additional coaxial cable can be used to send a signal to the VCR.

  1. Attach the coaxial cable to the VCR

    Attach a coaxial cable to your cable television converter box. Attach the other end to the RF-input port on your VCR.

  2. Turn off power to both devices

    Any electrical device can be dangerous, so ensure that both the TV and VCR are powered off. This also helps reduce the risk of static electric shocks.

  3. Connect the yellow video cable

    Find the video-out port on the VCR, and locate the video-in connection on the TV. Connect one end of the yellow RCA cord to the VCR and the other end to the television.

  4. Connect the red and white audio cables

    Locate the corresponding outputs on your VCR. Plug the red RCA plug into the red audio-out jack, and plug the white plug into the white jack. Connect the opposite ends to the audio input jacks on the television.

  5. Turn on your devices and adjust the settings

    After powering up your devices, change the television input to the appropriate setting. Then, insert your favorite VHS tape, and enjoy your video.