How Do You Connect a TV, DVD, VCR and Satellite Dish?

A DVD player, a VCR and a satellite receiver can be connected to a TV in three basic configurations, including connecting each device directly to the TV, connecting the DVD player and VCR to the satellite receiver which is connected to the TV, or connecting all three devices through an audio-visual receiver. Each configuration can be connected in a variety of ways depending on the available input and output ports and the quality of picture and sound output desired.

HDMI, component, composite and coaxial are the most commonly used cable types for connecting entertainment equipment. High-definition equipment uses HDMI cables, while standard DVD players typically have composite and component options. Older devices such as VCRs most often have only composite or coaxial ports.

Connect the satellite receiver to the TV using an HDMI cable, and connect the DVD and VCR units to the composite video ports in a direct connection. Switch between source inputs on the TV to change devices.

Satellite receivers typically have several input and output ports on the back of the unit. Use composite video cables to connect the VCR and DVD player to the satellite receiver. The TV's source input doesn't have to change because the receiver handles the signal switching.

Connect all three devices to the appropriate input ports on a home theater system. The user can select the desired input source on the home theater controller.